Dentist Woodlawn

Our office is proud to be a part of the “green” movement by making changes today that will help create a better tomorrow. Among other eco-friendly practices, we recycle cardboard, paper, and plastic. This ends up being 2/3 less trash we are contributing to our landfills.

Here are some of our other eco-friendly practices:

Digital X-Rays
We are chartless using computers which helps reduce and/or eliminate the amount of paper used. Our x-rays are digital not only reducing the amount of radiation to our patients, we no longer have to use the harsh chemicals to develop them.

Steam Sterilization
We use steam sterilization on our instruments, eliminating the use of chemicals.

Midmark Dry Vacuum (oil-less and water-less)
In our restrooms, we have hand dryers that help us save over 10,000 paper towels a year.  We also reduce the amount of water used by having hand sanitizers in every room, reducing water usage by 40%. Water sense toilets and urinals that meet EPA standards.

Mercury-Free fillings
Our office utilizes mercury-free fillings, which helps contribute to a healthier you and less chemical waste. Contact us today.